Thursday’s Task – Our Battle Plan

Posted By Patrick Henry on Mar 25, 2010 | 1 comment

ThursdayTask UIOUPDATE: We’re reposting this same task until it’s over.  Until the current health care reform bills are defeated repealed.  Until cap and trade is dead.  Until all those things that are destroying our liberty and freedom are gone.  Until we know that those responsible will not be reelected.

We at TfTL are equal opportunity term limiters.  We don’t just think one party or the other should be tossed out.  We firmly stick by our contention that federal office should not be a career (nor should politics be one in general).

But the health care reform debate and potential passage of a disastrous bill requires is to take sides.  A couple of weeks months ago, we presented our own health care reform plan.  This plan is designed to lower costs and increase access while maintaining if not improving quality.  We support this type of health care system reform.

What we do not support is a plan that will do none of the things it is supposed to do.  For this, we declare political war on the House of Representatives and Senate.  We have marching orders that will prevent an economic Pearl Harbor.  If the $2,400,000,000,000+ health care bill passes, it may be generation before we recover.

Your daily term limiting task is to get in touch with your senators and representatives and let them know that you support health care reform, but not any of the bills presently being discussed and will work to get the bill repealed.  Tell them that you do not support any cap and trade climate scheme.

Tell them that any treaty coming out of Copenhagen will be at odds with our Constitution and should not be approved.  Edit:  Thankfully, no treaty came out of Copenhagen!  But we’re not out of the woods, yet.

Tell them you will vote for their primary challenger in 2010 and will fight to have any legislation that limits our freedoms repealed.

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If you are a Republican: Contact your senator and representative and encourage them to start using the word repeal.  Tell them that you would ask them to repeal this bill after the 2010 elections.  The message needs to be sent that this type of bill will not stand.  Repeal is the word of the day.

If you are an Independent: Contact your senators and representative and tell them you do not support this bill which will reduce access, increase cost and destroy quality.  Encourage them with the same word that the Republicans are using:  repeal.  Let them know you will vote for candidates in 2010 who will repeal this disastrous bill.

If you are a Democrat: Contact your senators and representative and let them know that this bill does not represent the ideals of your party.  How can health care become more affordable if it’s taxed?  How can we cover everyone if the bill only covers 94% of the country?  How can quality go up if there are more people trying access the same number of doctors?  Why is Louisiana getting an extra $100,000,000 for Senator Landrieu’s vote? This bill will potentially destroy your party.

If you are a Liberal: Ask yourself “Is this about power or health care?”  Ask yourself “What government social program has cost what they said it would cost and did what they said it would do?”  We don’t think you’ll actually change your mind, but would encourage you to apply logic and reason, then go read the Constitution of the United States.

Today’s term limit task is to go on the offense.  This is war.

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This was originally posted in December of 2009.